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For busy professionals, time is money.

Today’s online Excel training materials are slow, unengaging and not optimised for the busy professional and student.

It’s time to rethink online Excel training.

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1. the executive summary of excel

The average professional has just 24 minutes per week to spend on professional development.

You will not find dozens of hours of videos or endless pages of irrelevant content in any of our courses – our microlessons are short, focused, and engaging, giving you what you need, when you need it, and  back to work ASAP

Why is Native Excel so effective? 

    – 500+ microcapabilities with an average time to competence of just 45 seconds

    – Short, sharp content focused on giving you what you need to do your job, when you need it

    – XX


Estimated time-to-competence for mastery in Microsoft Excel

Native Excel Virtual Learning Environment 33%
Competitor 1 - Video Platform 46%
Competitor 2 - Video Platform 56%
Competitor 3 - Text-Based Web Course 83%
Competitor 4 - Best-selling Textbook 100%

2. learn excel as you use excel

Unlike unengaging textbooks or ‘click-next’ online courses,  Native Excel’s Virtual Classroom lets you learn entirely within Excel.  The concept is revolutionary but simple – Learn Excel as you Use Excel

This immersive approach has shown to be the most effective way to learn a new capability. 

Give our In-Excel Virtual Classroom a try and see for yourself.


This is the fastest, best most fun etc.
John Doe

3. capabilities focuseD

While other courses impart content, Native Excel focuses on imparting capabilities

Our lessons are practical, engaging and relentlessly focused on the skills you need:

 – Scenario-based examples focusing on  high-value skills needed in the modern workforce – critical thinking, extracting insights, data analysis, synthesis and visualization

 – Structured lessons helping you build capabilities on demand, just-in-time, and on-the-go

 – Consequential applications relevant to the most common issues faced at work and school


Fully Native Courses
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4. adapted to you

One size does not fit all. It doesn’t work for clothes and it doesn’t work for Excel training.

Our users want adaptive, personalized learning and in doing so are more motivated to learn and progress. Our world-first modular systems helps you navigate your own learning path, targeted to your interests and aptitude level.

 – Build your own textbook, paying for only the topics you want to learn

 – Category and channel-based learning, and featured content to lead you from place to place

 – All content sectioned into searchable and easily consumable sections

5. high quality student outcomes


High quality, expert-reviewed content delivered through engaging, high-quality systems

Technology enabling continuous improvement at every level



See how Native Excel’s digital education ecosystem and closed-loop instructional systemgives you a more effective learning experience:

 – Deeply aligned educational objectives, standards, curricula, assessments, interventions and professional development tools

 – Learning needs assessments and outcomes, helping you understand your progress and where you need to focus on improvement areas

 – Real-time data  and continuous feedback to track educational outcomes 

  –  setting clear objectives, then put in place a curriculum designed to meet those objectives aptitudes and learning styels differ,


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